1-6 people:

Book online here.

You will have the table for 2 hours – which usually is an appropriate time, if you order 3 to 5 courses. If you want a large menu or just want to hang out a little while longer please make a note whenbooking and we will try to fit it in.

On the other hand – if you only want a table for a short visit, please let us know too; then we can make the table available for new guests.

More than 6 people:

Send us an email at

If you wish to try our small menu we will book the table for half an evening – before or after 20:30 (17:30 – 20:30 OR 20:30 – 24:00)

You will need to order your menu en advance so please consider this when booking – please also note if you want to your book table for the early or the late seat.

We will of course book the table for the entire evening if you want to go ‘all in’ and try our large menu with 8 servings.