Our menu offers a range of green dishes, various cuttings and preperations of meat – and fish and shellfish. You can either combine various dishes to make your own custom menu – select some green dishes and meat or fish, and add some snacks and dessert.

You can also follow our recommendations to try a small variety of dishes or a menu, where you get to taste a little bit of everything. Like a real ‘hog’ (Madsvin) !

Or you can just have a steak and a beer…!

We also offer a vegetarian menu with up to 7 different dishes.

Our menu is 90 to 100% organic.




The menu will usually be a combination of organic and biodynamic products.

Snacks: 45 kr.

2 Oysters: 60 kr.

Charcuterie: 80 kr.

Green dishes: 65 kr. 4 dishes: 195 kr.

Meat, fish and shellfish: from 65 kr.

Cheese. 1 kind: 40 kr. 2 kinds: 60 kr.

Dessert: 50 kr.

Today’s 8 servings: 480 kr.